They Tell Me Spring Will Come…

They Tell Me Spring Will Come…

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It’s blizzarding today.  It’s beautiful, but it’s late winter.  I’m ready to stop shovelling snow and to start eating the mache in my garden that germinated last fall but is now hidden under snow. 

High Mowing Seeds, a Vermont-based seed company that is unusual in that it only sells organic seeds and grows much of its own seed, has offered its Garden Starter Organic Seed Collection as a giveaway.  I’m a customer there.  I buy some of my favorite things from High Mowing, including a tiny tomato called ‘Matt’s Wild Cherry.’

How to win?  Tell me what you are most looking forward to eating out of your garden in 2011 and why.  Best answer wins. We’ll keep the contest open until 9 am Thursday, March 3.

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Michele Owens
on February 25, 2011 at 11:41 am, in the category Eat This.

    • Kristina MacPherson
    • 1st July 2016

    I am really looking forward to peas this season. My son’s favorite vegetable is peas (he’s 1 1/2) and it’s going to be so fun growing the peas with him, teaching him about gardening and then being able to eat our bounty together! Can’t wait for this snow to hurry up and go AWAY!

    • Joseph Tychonievich
    • 17th August 2016

    Don’t enter me to win — I already have all the seeds I need (and more!) but I just have to say, I ADORE Matt’s Wild Cherry! I gobble them like candy.

    • Christopher C NC
    • 25th September 2016

    I am looking forward to eating my strawberries because you have to wait a whole year for the first real crop. I need to remember to throw some compost on them soon.

    • Katie
    • 30th October 2016

    I’m growing cucumbers this year, and I’m going to attempt to pickle them. So, depending how my pickling efforts turn out, I’m either really excited to eat some pickles, or to learn I can’t pickle and instead eat the cucumbers!

    • Kristen M
    • 31st October 2016

    I am looking forward to fresh, just picked, still damp with dew or warmed in the sunshine raspberries. I’m trying 5 canes in containers this year, and I CANNOT WAIT for them to get here. Just the texture of their seeds, the ease of picking them, and the feeling that I’m growing something exotic in my backyard is enough to set my head spinning. Please warm weather, return soon! I need my little bit of garden porn back….

    • Jenny
    • 14th November 2016

    I can’t believe I have to write this but zucchini! Last year the striped cucumber beetle {my nemesis} killed them all before I had the chance to participate in leaving zucchini on my neighbor’s porches. Hoping for an abundance of them this year.

    • Michelle Hickner
    • 15th November 2016

    Days with snow on the ground in Seattle make me crave August, when almost every dish I’ll make will have tomatoes or basil. I’ve finally gotten serious about growing tomatoes, and have built a little cold frame for an early start. I even carefully read the catalog descriptions this year, and ordered early producers and blight-resistant varieties to arrive in April. Now all I need is some sun!

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