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Halloween could not be better timed in terms of horticultural nightmares for the Western New York gardener. It’s a wet, gray time; leaves are falling, perennial foliage is shriveling, and outdoor tasks are undertaken in an atmosphere of chilly reluctance. Welcome to my world of fright and despair.


This is what they call fall interest.


I neglected to send the check to the Farmer Pirates, so this bucket’s been sitting with the same stuff in it for months now.


Really? What was the thinking here?


Oh no. It won’t be a hassle keeping these alive through the winter.

Terror from above

They wait. Just in time to ruin Thanksgiving weekend, these trees will empty themselves, covering everything in a sodden mass.

What happened? It seems like only days ago, I had a relatively attractive exterior space, with a reasonable amount of color and scent. It was nice!

Boo, I say. Boo.

Posted by

Elizabeth Licata
on October 31, 2016 at 10:21 am, in the category Shut Up and Dig.

    • Mary Doane
    • 11th October 2016

    Thank you! It’s perfectly put – love the fall interest. Nice way to start the day, commiserating.

    • hglaber
    • 11th November 2016

    I call the point where I find all the bulbs I bought in September and ask “What was I thinking?” the annual autumn bulbstice. It’s the point after which there will almost certainly not be a single sunny, windless, rainless non-workday above 60 degrees until May.

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