State Fair in the Big City

State Fair in the Big City

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Sloppy Joe-eating contest. Photo credit DC State Fair.

The DC State Fair, now in its 7th year, calls itself a “free showcase of the region’s agricultural and artistic talents” and a “celebration of all things homegrown: food, music, art and entertainment for everyone.” And of course it’s not at a county fairgrounds but in the middle of Washington, D.C. This is how a city-without-a-state goes ag.

Like all state fairs, there were contests for homegrown vegetables and home cooking, but also Best Compost and Best Terrarium (gardening for apartment-dwellers).

And there were live contests for Hula Hooping, “So You Think You Can Dance,” and Best Tattoos, none of which my family noticed at the grand Iowa State Fair we attended back in the ’50s, though we did see Roy Rogers in the flesh.

“Best Bud” Judging. Photo credit DC State Fair.

The DC Fair’s claim to fame, however, is its “History-making Best Bud Contest,” started in 2015 after legalization by the city. Photos of the judging make it look more scientific and less high-inducing than I’d imagined. (But behind the scenes, who knows?)

But now for some entertainment by Batala Washington. The crowd loved them!

There was lots more to the DC State Fair and I’ll let these photos by Julie Miller speak for themselves. Julie was one of several volunteer photographers enlisted by Capital Photography Center to help out, and is an old friend.

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    • Martha Lemmond
    • 4th May 2016

    Looks like an event I would have enjoyed!

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