Plants for crazy sports fans? Sure, why not?

Plants for crazy sports fans? Sure, why not?

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Pete Gilmore for Sporticulture, at MANTS last month.

Mums potted up in Ravens and Redskins containers for that special football-plant lover in your life? Okay, not necessarily those teams – these were exhibited at a Baltimore trade show – but logos of winning teams are also available, and for college teams.

They’re being marketed by a company called Sporticulture, started by a self-professed “crazy Ravens fan.” In his pitch to growers he explains:

The idea is to expand your current opportunities, not cannibalize them, developing and selling Homegating, Teamgating, and Teamscaping marketing concepts. We are selling to a whole new customer – America’s most passionate consumer – the sports enthusiast! This is the horticultural industry’s opportunity to increase the value of our products.

First landscaping, then tablescaping, then teamscaping? Yes, it’s a thing now.  And if it’ll sell some plants and get something living into TV rooms across America, I say go for it, fellas!

But then it gets really silly. Case in point – the Stuff a Helmut Lawn Bag.

There are bottle skins, too, meeting a consumer demand I didn’t realize exists, but then I’m not a sports fanatic. (Had to Google “Who’s in the Superbowl?” for this blog post.)

All harmless fun! But can that be said for the NFL Seed Paper Ornament? Would it even sprout actual pansies?

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