Okay, Pinterest– I give in!

Okay, Pinterest– I give in!

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I resisted Pinterest for as long as I could. At some point, one simply has to put the social networking down and back slowly away from the computer.  But then I had an actual use for it, and that’s when I folded.

I’m creating a new garden (more about that in a minute) and I actually needed (well.  Needed in the way one needs anything related to a garden) a place to store ideas and plans. Pinterest was, of course, the exact right place to do that.

I’d been a Pinterest spectator for a while, but it wasn’t until I joined that I really started noticing what all our friends are doing there.

Like Debra Lee Baldwin’s gorgeous board of decorative glass.

And Dee Nash’s collection of espalier ideas.

And Rebecca Sweet’s vertical gardens.

And Willi Galloway’s chickens.

And Genevieve Schmidt’s goth garden.

And Jayme Jenkin’s garden cocktails.

And Susan Morrison’s lawn-free gardens.

And–well, I could go on.  Good stuff, that’s what I’m saying.

What sent me off the deep end on Pinterest was this:  I was choosing colors for a cocktail-themed garden I’m building, and as I was choosing paint colors for the fence, I realized that a lot of paint colors are named after iconic cocktails and their ingredients.  You can get a paint color called Whiskey Sour, Negroni, Gimlet, Bloody Mary, or Cosmopolitan.  If you want to mix your own, there are paint colors called Grenadine, Orange Bitters, Rye, Dark Rum, and Lemon Zest.

So I lost an entire evening to the create of a Pinterest board of paint colors with cocktail names.  The combination you see here is Margarita:  Tequila Lime, Orange Liqueur, and Crushed Ice.

And here’s an Old-Fashioned:  Bourbon, Orange Bitters, Maraschino Cherry, Sugar Cube:

and this is a Mojito:  Rum, Lime Juice, Spearmint, Sugar Cube, Soda Water, Crushed Ice:

Okay, I’ll stop now.  You see what Pinterest does to people?

I’ll keep you updated on the cocktail garden as it progresses. Oh, and myperfectcolor.com is the brilliant, Pinterest-friendly site where I found all these paint colors, btw.

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Amy Stewart
on August 1, 2012 at 4:21 am, in the category Drink This, Feed Me.

    • Abby
    • 20th May 2016

    I’m afraid of being sucked down the Pinterest hole, so I’ve been using OneNote to store and organize screen clippings.

    • admin
    • 23rd June 2016

    Well said! I did a whole post on the problems with Pinterest copyright issues on my blog and was personally attacked about my views. I am SO glad to hear at least one other blogger does not like Pinterest. It sure seemed like a few at the Spring Fling loved that website and was selling it to others. That is fine as long as the others know the problems with copyright issues. It is a huge problem that I don’t think the users of Pinterest are aware of. Here is a link to the article I did outlining the issues from my perspective as a blogger. http://tinaramsey.blogspot.com/2012/02/no-interest-in-pinterest.html
    I backed it up with research from sites like Sitemeter.

    • naomi
    • 30th October 2016

    The only problem I’ve had with it, aside from way too many hours on it, was the power going out while studying pins for reference. As far as credit goes, I found two bloggers with excellent tutorials. Fauxology has a great entry – http://www.fauxology.com/2012/02/pinterest-tips-tricks/ – which is all about working Pinterest and etiquette.

    • Sarah
    • 5th November 2016

    Haha! We’ve sucked you in. Welcome to the club.

    • Laura Bell
    • 10th November 2016

    It’s hard not to see the glory of Pinterest. I’m something of a data geek & this is the ultimate data hoard. And the ultimate time sink. Need new garden ideas ? Here are 50,000 for ya. Interested in food ? Boom. Here are more recipes than the cookbook section of the Library of Congress. DIY ? Crafts ? Have your glue guns & mason jars ready. Want to spend hours obsessing over your latest movie or book fix ? We got boards for that. Funny posters & snarky quotes & teaching ideas & more & more….

    • Kris
    • 15th November 2016

    I think for the most part that copyright is someone ignored simply because of the means by which the pinning happens. Sure you can pin someone else pin, on and on in perpetuity but when you click on that pin you are (hopefully) taken to the original site. In essence it is a way for blogs etc to get publicized by word of mouth, or in this case, clicks. The problem happens when someone pins something that the pin is somehow disconnected from the original post.

    • Kaviani
    • 15th November 2016

    THANK YOU, SUSAN HARRIS!!! It seems certain folks just think “cute” (or, and I feel dirty for even typing this word, but “twee”) is enough to compensate for any other shortcoming.

    • Gerry
    • 15th November 2016

    I am still resisting the urge for pinterest 😉 I am already stretched thin with gardening, genealogy, crocheting, scrapbooking, and work ( you notice there is NOT one mention of house keeping chores) Hoping NOT to spend hours at pinterest, I just enjoy visiting my Grand Niece and a few other friends posts on Facebook . Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday all.

    • Laura Bell
    • 15th November 2016

    Ah, but Gerry ! Pinterest will introduce you to new ideas (or at least prety words & pictures) re: gardening, genealogy, crocheting, scrapbooking … and give you wonderful ideas about how to reduce those housekeeping chores. Not that you have to actually DO the housekeeping (I don’t either) – but look at all the things you COULD do !

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