Leaf Morphology is Surprisingly Marvelous

Leaf Morphology is Surprisingly Marvelous

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I recently attended this tour at the U.S. Botanic Garden, despite my doubts that the topic of leaf structures – leaf morphology – would be marvelous, as promised, but darned if it wasn’t! I maintain my skepticism that a talk by another expert could put me to sleep but coming from Dr. Susan Pell, it was fascinating. So much so that I’m going back for her talk and tour about flowers. (Scroll down for the info.  Like the leaf tour, it’ll be free.)

In the top photo Susan shows off examples of varying leaves from the planters in front of the Conservancy.

In this view you see the Capitol dome, recently freed of its renovation scaffolding. 

Inside the Conservatory were dozens more examples – of exactly what I’d love to report but I didn’t take notes.

Have a banana!

On the right is info about Susan’s flower talk.  It’s just one of dozens of events at the U.S. Botanic Garden, many of them also free.

If you don’t live nearby I hope there’s a public garden near you with great talks like this one by experts for non-experts. Otherwise this post may just be a bummer.

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