Guide to Videos about Fall Crops and Harvesting

Guide to Videos about Fall Crops and Harvesting

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Here’s the latest seasonal guide at Good Gardening Videos – this one about vegetable gardening in the fall. The videos listed (so far) are by the University of Maryland, Fine Gardening Magazine, and Renee’s Garden, and we thank them for teaching gardening well. More videos are being added as our search continues for good videos from reputable sources.

Harvesting FALL VEGETABLES covers late-planted crops like spinach, arugula, lettuce, kale and Brussels sprouts, lettuce. Includes when to plant them. (For more on that consult Maryland’s planting dates for Zone 7 here and here.)

Harvesting FALL ROOT VEGETABLES covers crops like potatoes, carrots, and beets.

How to harvest BEETS

How to thin and harvest CARROTS and CARROTS: Planting, care and harvesting

When is CORN ready to pick?

How to plant GARLIC

How to harvest EGGPLANT

Harvesting and drying ONIONS

When are my PEPPERS ready to pick?

How to harvest POTATOES and How to plant POTATOES

How to train and harvest TOMATOES

How to pick ripe WATERMELON and How to freeze and preserve WATERMELON

Harvesting and storing WINTER SQUASH


How to grow KALE

How to grow SPINACH

SALAD TABLE Part 1 and SALAD TABLE Part 2  (Wait – What’s a salad table? )


How to dry HERBS

Controlling MEXICAN BEAN BEETLE at harvest

Sowing and growing COVER CROPS, BARLEY cover crop and cover crop CRIMSON CLOVER

How to plant SEEDS IN THE GROUND, in which a  Master Gardener plants carrot seeds, but the same method can be used with beets, Swiss chard, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, kale and other seeds.


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