Gifts of Autumn

Gifts of Autumn

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In temperate climates, autumn showers us with a cornucopia of visual stimulation before we enter the season of dormancy. Here are some of my favorite examples of this season’s gifts of beauty.

Food. Is there anything more glorious than the last harvest, spread across the dining room table?


Not only can deciduous foliage take on strikingly different colors, but also the leaves may crumple and twist into unusual shapes, and their positions change too, as they bend or drift to the ground.


Many grasses relax into graceful fountains, and the low-angled sun sets their color-bleached heads dramatically aglow.


A loss can also be a gain when fallen foliage reveals hidden views.


Amid the many changes, evergreens delight with their reassuring consistency of shape and color.


As the lowering temperatures chase away the flowers, every lingering bloom is that much more precious.


What do you appreciate most about your garden in autumn?

Posted by

Evelyn Hadden
on October 18, 2016 at 11:26 pm, in the category It’s the Plants, Darling.

    • Paige Nugent
    • 8th October 2016

    Grasses are wonderful in autumn. This year my October Sky Big Bluestem is so amazing that my husband (a non-plant person) commented we need more!

    • Amy
    • 2nd November 2016

    The weirdly wonderful fruiting bodies of fungi: mushrooms and puff balls, which appear seemingly out of nowhere. They remind me of the underground life we rarely see.

    • Evelyn Hadden
    • 5th November 2016

    Great addition, Amy! Yes, those mushroom fruits that emerge in fall add a lot of visual interest — and sometimes aromatic interest as well, in the case of stinkhorns.

    • Janice Goole
    • 15th November 2016

    Thanks for some hints on what to look for in a fall garden. We have a lot of mushrooms “blooming” in the woods around our house. They are very white and look pretty in the darkness of the woods. Guess I never thought of them as part of the beauty of fall. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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